The world of mobile apps has shown amazing innovations in the past few years. Even though, the mobile-era still evolves every now and then.

Today, the smart device is an indispensable tool and helps us perform almost every day-to-day activity. This has certainly led to a fierce competition in the mobile market, especially in the application marketplace. Every mobile developer have a keen knowledge about the latest mobile app development trends.

To help you stay ahead of the game, here are some development trends which can help increase your application’s success.

Application Security

Security in applications is a primary challenge for developers, which can’t be overlooked. In the last few years, we have seen many apps that resulted in major security breach. In 2020, a huge amount of data was jeopardized by cyber-attacks. In fact, it has been anticipated that only a quarter of mobile applications will pass a basic security test.

The app security risk can be aggravated by many factors, including the consistently increasing number of mobile devices, the advent and the rapid popularity of mobile wallets and IoT, and practicing BYOD (the practice of allowing the employees of an organization to use their own computers, smartphones, or other devices for work purposes) in enterprises, to name just a few.

Growing Digital Mobile Payment

One can’t ignore the incessant growth in the number of digital mobile payment providers. ShopeePay, e wallet, GrabPay Wallet are already in the market. These services have nicely evolved mobile payments, which are already popular and will become more popular in the coming years. Samsung Pay, Android Pay and other mobile payment applications are expected to be unveiled this year. This trend clearly epitomizes the growth of safer and simpler mobile payments, and this is certainly expected to continue in the future.

Surge in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing can offer truckloads of features like reliability, scalability, better data storage, powerful processing capability, and so forth. This can also provide prolific development platforms that can benefit developers, and augment app development by revving up the development process and allowing an easy implementation of cloud technology in applications. We already have many cloud-driven applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., more such applications are expected.

Enterprise Applications

Among various app categories, enterprise application development is preferred by developers for their monetary advantages. Today, a whopping number of developers across the globe are developing enterprise applications and over 40 percent of them are generating a substantial profit.

Moreover, it has been observed that the opportunities for app developers to work for an enterprise are increasing and will continue this way. This is so because more and more enterprises are considering mobile platforms to either leverage their services and products, or boost their productivity, and ultimately benefit their business by targeting colossal mobile users. Thus, enterprise applications will surely further evolve and offer a great deal of business to developers.

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