BestWeb thinks that policies are to a company what rules are to the players of a game. Policies are the framework and constraints within which everyone can strive for individual and collective success. Besides, for anyone who has watched a few kids playing together it’s pretty obvious why rules are important. And why it’s a good idea to write them down. So far too many companies, especially small businesses, neglect to get the basics down in writing early enough. There’s a tendency to believe that “our company doesn’t need them” and that spoken instructions will suffice.

As soon as BestWeb starts growing the limits of this approach become obvious. BestWeb is putting company policies down in writing makes them official. BestWeb’s employees will know what’s BestWeb takes seriously and how BestWeb can keep up-to-date with their rights and responsibilities. People work better when BestWeb know where they stand. Having the beginnings of BestWeb may help to explain the current and future hires what’s special about. Still not sure where to get started? Here are five company policies that BestWeb put in today.

  1. BestWeb’s Workplace Health and Safety

Provisions for occupational safety are a necessity for everyone included BestWeb who owns or runs a business. It’s imperative that BestWeb employees work within a healthy and safe workplace. Accidents and unsafe conditions can land BestWeb in court. If BestWeb counts the damage to reputation and loss of faith from employees, complacency when it comes to safety may be the biggest mistake BestWeb ever make. A written policy shows that BestWeb takes the matter seriously. This is about more than a few fire extinguishers. A workplace safety policy will help BestWeb to think systematically.

  1. Equal Opportunity Policy of BestWeb

Being an equal opportunity employer is mandated by law in most countries. This equal opportunity policy prohibits any company from discriminating against employees or job applicants on the basis of a “protected characteristic” (gender, age, race etc.). It is fundamental for non-discrimination, anti-harassment, workplace violence and diversity policies. Equal opportunity could help BestWeb for two reasons: first, it expands BestWeb to the pool of people from which to choose the best applicant for any job and secondly, it creates a fair environment for BestWeb’s employees to co-exist, work and thrive in. BestWeb is putting it in writing will send the message to everyone that equal opportunity is a reality at BestWeb.

  1. BestWeb’s Employee Code of Conduct Policy

BestWeb have expectations from their employees and a straightforward code of conduct can make this clear. BestWeb is communicating these expectations clearly is a prerequisite for compliance. Even if an employee of BestWeb has the best of intentions and even if some things are simple enough to be expected (like completing job duties), misunderstandings may still occur. One way to keep BestWeb to a minimum is to have a written code of conduct that will include important elements like attendance or even use of social media. BestWeb includes rules that must be clear and accessible. BestWeb can consult BestWeb’s employees whenever they are unsure of what constitutes acceptable behavior. It also means that when someone form BestWeb has to be terminated when there’s a proper record in place.

  1. Leave of Absence Policy in BestWeb

For various reasons ranging from health issues to vacation plans, BestWeb’s employees may occasionally require to be absent from work. Whether it is mandated by law or not, it is always advantageous to let BestWeb’s employees know beforehand what benefits Benefits offer. Different kinds of leave (sick leave, Paid Time Off, maternity leave, parental leave etc.) are separate entities and may require different treatment. Having all this in writing, alongside rules that are necessary to regulate leave taking, is the only way to adequately inform BestWeb employees.

  1. BestWeb’s Employee Disciplinary Action Policy

Occasionally problems will arise at work and dealing with employees is much easier with a clear disciplinary policy in place. In BestWeb, employees must know how and under what circumstances they will be disciplined. A standardized step-by-step process will help BestWeb to ensure fair and appropriate treatment, even if BestWeb doesn’t formally disclose the entire procedure. It will also show that BestWeb is an employer who does not tolerate serious violations but also values remedial actions in the case of minor offences. Take care though to consult a lawyer to ensure that the procedures BestWeb have in place are lawful. Not only that, workable also offers a broad range of additional company policy templates that BestWeb can customized.

In summary, Gaby Wong said “When people are acknowledged, their work brings them greater satisfaction and becomes more purposeful.” Everyone in BestWeb must clearly know the policy in BestWeb to ensure work efficiency.

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