5 Good Reasons to Make a Blog and Connect it to Your Mobile App

By July 10, 2019 No Comments

Boost your Writing and Content Creation Skills

It doesn’t matter if you’re a barber or a lawyer with a mobile app. At some point, you’ll need to create a video, write a letter or even just email someone in your company. Words matter, so working on a regular blog tones your writing skills and turns you into a better communicator.

After all, a blog post is something that gets published and shown to the world on websites and mobile apps. Therefore, you can’t just throw it together sloppily like you would a personal email.

Stay Informed About Your Industry

This is one of the big ones. Since your mobile app needs to be updated on a regular basis, why not use this opportunity to stay up-to-date on news in the industry. For example, a hardware store owner should know about the most recent tools released by Milwaukee, and your customers would most certainly like to see that!

This is particularly true for B2B companies, since the people you’re selling to are also interested in industry news such as acquisitions, sales numbers, new product launches and more.

Expand Your Marketing Reach

Writing a blog post serves two marketing purposes. First of all, it reminds current customers about products through the mobile app. Not only that, but a blog post is a wonderful way to detail cool ideas for using products (Like a flower shop writing about alternative uses for vases).

The marketing potential that stems from a blog also involves new customers. Since the blog actually resides on your regular website, random people might end up finding your blog posts through Google or Bing.

A simple blog post about personal injury law is bound to bring in new customers who see that the blog post is located on your page.

Keep Your App Community Informed

One of the main reasons companies write blog posts and share them through mobile apps is in order to keep in touch with customers. This includes past, present and future customers. Think about it: Forgetting about a company comes easy. However, simply wishing people a Happy New Year through a blog post puts your brand back in their minds.

Your customers need information in order to keep returning to your business, so let them know when a new software release comes out, or whenever that hot new pair of shoes is ready.

Become the Expert That Everyone Turns To

Establishing a reputation as an expert can work wonders for your business. Imagine being a real estate agent who everyone turns towards to learn about upcoming events in the neighborhood, along with new houses on the market and cool businesses opening up. That’s a huge advantage, since people start to know your name, respect your opinion and think about you when they want to buy a house.

Connect the blog to your mobile app and you’re sure to see all sorts of people downloading your app. Once they get to your app they can see all of your listings, contact you via phone or email, refer other clients and check in on your blog whenever they want.