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5 Reasons Why Digital Is Better Than Paper

By July 20, 2017 No Comments

The Post-PC era is here. With the proliferation of tablets, e-readers, and other mobile devices, documents can be stored on them for easy reading. Most tablets and smartphones come with a high resolution camera making it possible to digitize documents with a document scanner app on the spot. Read and scan with the same device. Let’s have a look at the reasons why digitized documents are actually better than paper ones.

Lose Zero Documents

It demands far more greater skill and effort to lose a digital document than a one on paper. You can send your documents directly to the cloud where they are safe even in the case you would lose the device they were stored on. Think about all those invaluable documents you wish to preserve. Once digitized, you will worry less where they are.

Make As Many Copies As You Need

Digitized documents are virtually indefinitely reproducible meaning they can be shared as many times as you want. Send them by email. Post them to Facebook.

Search Your Documents Based On Content

Digitized documents can be searched with keywords. This can prove invaluable in situations where you have scanned tens or hundreds of pages, and wish to find a page with particular content. To make your documents searchable, you’ll need a scanner software with OCR capability.

Look Smarter

Digitized documents just look smart on tablets. In fact, a digitized version of a document may even look better and cleaner than the original one. This is especially true with the new iPad 3 that comes with the pixeless Retina display.

Have Your Documents Always With You

You can have digital documents always with you on all your devices. Save your scanned documents to Evernote or iCloud for easy access. It’s far more easier to carry around a tablet than a pile of paper. As a plus, you no longer have to archive your papers if you don’t want to. Digitized papers are simply more manageable.

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