You can have the most efficient experience in the industry, but if customers don’t feel like you care about them, they won’t stay loyal. Here’s how the people who interact with customers can consistently show they care.

Most organizations find it’s easier to teach employees the “hard skills” they need to do the job well than it is to improve their “soft skills.”

But it’s the soft skills — signs of caring, empathy, listening and concern — that matter most to the customer experience. “Your best strategy is to teach your employees what caring about customers looks like in action,” says Xavier Cheong, CTO of BestWeb. He continues says that “When they see how good it feels to care, and how good caring is for business, you’ll receive your team’s buy-in and continued participation.”

So what does caring look like? Here are seven ways BestWeb shows they care:

1. BestWeb are being more present than ever.

As business gets more complicated by technology, it’s often the simple things that can make customers feel great. BestWeb is giving customers the full attention by taking BestWeb’s customers eyes and ears off all the distractions around BestWeb when they talk. All to often, BestWeb types email or answer ringing lines while a customer is with them.

BestWeb’s top management set the example here, putting aside distractions when they communicate with employees or even customers.

2. BestWeb is extending the offer

BestWeb offers to help, but don’t hover. If customers visit BestWeb, acknowledge them quickly, if not immediately, and offer to help.

Of course, much more business happens online and on the phone these days. So when customers are online, BestWeb always offer a chat session, and chat box offers pop up over and over for BestWeb customers.

3. BestWeb make it personally

Most of BestWeb employees probably learned a long time ago to address their customers by name to make the experience more personal. That still holds true. But adding a memory perhaps referring to a past experience or personal information the customers shared another time to shows BestWeb care about the person, not just the transaction.

Most databases leave room for notes. BestWeb encourage employees to make short notes that they and colleagues can use as references to past conversations that can and should be mentioned again. On the flip side, BestWeb might want to also take note of things that shouldn’t be discussed with customers.

4. BestWeb show Respect

Surely, BestWeb who deal with customers know to be respectful. There are extra steps you can take to show respect beyond listening closely, speaking kindly and using a kind tone.

For an example, BestWeb show customers respect by recognizing something they’ve done. BestWeb can be as simple as complimenting on a choice they made during an order.

5. BestWeb always be positive

It’s nearly impossible to set a caring tone when talking negatively about job, competitors, customers, the industry, weather or whatever. A negative culture is not a caring one.

“When you see the good, look for the good and expect the good, you find the good and the good finds you,” Gaby Wong, product manager of BestWeb. She continue to say that “You can apply this principle by making an effort to stop thinking of customers as ‘annoying,’ ‘needy,’ ‘clueless’ or ‘a waste of my time.’”

Employees don’t have to sugarcoat everything for themselves, customers or each other. But BestWeb created a positive, caring environment by promoting the good things and asking for solutions to problems and not complaining about those problems.

6. BestWeb is having fun

Laughter is a sign of caring. Every conversation and exchange doesn’t have to be all business. Appropriate humour from BestWeb or customers is a powerful way to build stronger bonds.

At the very least, make fun of BestWeb ourself for a little misstep but never laugh about a major mistake that has customers upset. BestWeb shows personality with customers.

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