7 SEO Trends To Look Out This Year 2018

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The internet boomed on the late 90’s and as an entrepreneur, you want to get ahead of the competition. It’s never wrong to prepare and strategize early, so you need to be mindful and well informed on how the search engines are constantly changing.

In the SEO industry, it’s essential to know the current and the upcoming trend to dominate this competitive industry. To make this trouble-free, we’ve come up with 7 of the hottest trend this 2018 that you need to look out for and get ahead of the game.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

On October of 2016 first time in history, 51.3% of the world used their mobile gadgets compared to the 48.7% who used the traditional computing platforms. In this age of modern technology, most of the people are on the go so the thought of placing these in the hands of a webmaster gives them the versatility of creating pages that can load faster than regular pages on mobile devices while using fewer data would be great!

Google is starting to favor sites that use AMP, it may not be a ranking factor, however, it will save time by loading the pages instantly, retain visitors to a remarkable boost in traffic and has a huge impact on the site’s visibility which in turn will improve your website up the Google result.

2. Content Value Promotion

Would you read the same boring rephrased message over and over again? For the past few years, writers tend to choose quantity over quality and adding multiple keywords in the content. This coming year the market is mainly focusing on the value of the information that your site provides.

In the digital age, businesses need to interact and engage their chosen market so the need to produce an original high-quality article is a must.  So start to concentrate on providing a fair amount of article with the juiciest information that will attract your reader’s interests.

3. Video Sharing

If a photo says a thousand words, how many millions of words can a video say to you? With video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and a lot more, you can easily increase the visitor in your site by communicating and interacting with them through the fruitful visual and quality content. Making and sharing videos can give a deeper meaning to the message that you are sending to your visitor and this will be your advantage so to speak.

4. Brand Personalization

A brand is more than the face of your business, It is the representative or the business itself. So why not make it unique and personal, build a branding that rings a bell every time someone sees it or hear it? This is a risk that you need to take since the algorithms change every now and then, nonetheless, this will open opportunities to collaborate with other businesses or organizations and shoot your branding up, so strategize well buddy.

5. Search Engine Experience

Optimize searches would be the trend this 2018, just for a fact Google is leaning towards website’s who offers an extraordinary user experience that provides the best answer by using long phrases. SEO’s that have this technology and technique help make your website user-friendly, fast, exceeds expectation and give you the best search results. Just a tip, you can also need to think outside of your website and expand your market. This is the web and everything links to one another.

6. Voice Search through Digital Assistants

This trend interjects with search optimization. A lot of people are accessing the web through online commands, with the help of tools like Siri for Apple, Google Now for Android users and now we have Cortana for Windows phones. Digital assistants help us in many ways, this year we experience an increase in refinement and diversification of these useful attributes. Next year a huge step will be taken and a number of this contender is set to grow, an open door to new types of search and interactive queries. How to make an article? What are the top SEO websites? Where is the best steakhouse in New York? These are sample searches that your digital assistant is willing to help you out. I’m looking forward to meeting Jarvis in the future and I hope Tony Stark doesn’t mind.

7. High Quality Backlinks

This coming 2018 it is still going to have a great significance in rankings on search engine pages. Despite different factors that you need to take in for considerations, building backlinks are still well connected to the SEO industry. To maximize the power of backlinks you need to strategize ahead and make a solid game plan, your links should be fresh and looks natural, since good quality can add value to visitors experience to present Google that you are not a link farm but a trustworthy website. You need to be sure that all links connected to you are dependable and valuable, an effective SEO website requires to be up to date with the latest trend with Google and the likes. As a webmaster, having awesome articles connected to this page, like this one, has a good possibility to become viral. So webmaster, is your site ready to take the top position in the Google results?

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