What are some of the good features of a product page that will convince your customers to buy your products?

1. Product description

How many times have you searched for a product and the purchase of that product depended on the product information?
If the product page doesn’t provide enough information about the product, you inevitably start to question the usability of the product and the credibility of the company — which of course increases the abandonment rate of the page.

Try to avoid the kinds of situations that could cost you your potential customer. You need to persuade the customer why your product is better than the product from your competitors (e.g. by highlighting the benefits). Explain how the product works, from which kinds of materials it is made, why these materials are the best, which features does the product have, how you can use it and in which situations.

Furthermore, make sure you clearly state which components are included in the purchase. For an easy and quick view, you could also make a table with all the specifications so your customers can easily visualize all the features and benefits.

2. Pictures

The best advice we can give you when it comes to graphic material is to provide pictures of high quality, showing different perspectives, so the customers can see the product better and also check all the details. Give them the option to click on the product, which will show them a bigger picture, where they can see the product up close. Make sure to have at least one “in scale” image of the product visible at the very beginning; it is better for the customer to see the actual size of the product straight away.

Don’t forget to show pictures of any accessories that come with the product and of course try not to show any accessories that are not included. You don’t want to confuse the customers or disappoint them, but if the photos nevertheless include additional items, let them know that they do not come with the purchase.

3. Video

If you have a product that is not regularly used in people’s everyday lives, you first need to show your customers what your product looks like and how to use it in action. That’s why we would warmly recommend using videos that will show your product, where you can explain the features of a product in person, where you can show how the product works and so on.

4. Colors

Do you have different color swatches for your products? Awesome! If it’s possible, show them by using thumbnails or colored icons. When the customers choose the color they are interested in, the best practice is to show them only the product with the chosen color and, of course, from different perspectives.

5. Availability in physical stores

A cool feature for all retailers who sell their products in more than one physical store is the feature with information about product availability in stores in different areas. Sometimes, customers just want to get more information about the product or to see and try it on in person, so they’re more than happy if they get information in which shop they can find a certain product. If the store with the desired product is near, they can always visit the store and buy it there.

6. Testimonials

What could be better than satisfied customers? Customers who show their satisfaction on your website! Testimonials on product pages can be very useful for all other customers who are considering buying the same product.

They are especially important for those products that are very much alike and where customers could have a hard time deciding which one to choose. A good testimonial could just be the reason why a customer decides on a certain product.

A good practice for portraying effective testimonials is putting a name and picture of the customer next to the review. Of course, you can’t always get a picture from the customer and they could always refuse to be exposed on the website, so sometimes the safest choice is asking for their name and maybe their age and education or their place of residence. When choosing what to put next to the review, you must always think about the type of information that best suits your products.

7. Alternative and supplementary products

Alternative and supplementary products are a great way of helping the user’s purchase behavior by finding them additional products that best complement their choice. By doing so, the users don’t have to search through all the product lists until they find the right product for themselves. Product alternatives let the user jump from one product page to the next until they find a relevant item for themselves. It’s an effective way of keeping users on your product pages and of navigating them around your website so they can find the product which suites them the most.

Suggesting alternative and supplementary products on your product page is not only good for business but also great for usability.

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