1. Search Goes Mobile

Mobile devices are becoming the primary search tool of choice slowly but surely, with as many as 50 percent of internet consumers begin their quest with a mobile device, with numbers going up to 88 percent if the search is for a local business or institution. The creation of the Mobile-Friendly tag which exists in the lists of search results was what we came up with. Google has suggested improving the ranking of mobile-friendly sites.

2. Mobile Traffic Will Overtake Them All

Internet is projected to exceed the online traffic computer by 2014. The prediction was made in 2012 and Search Engine Watch announced on July 2014 the prediction will come true with overtaking desktop mobile usage.

3. Local Intent

According to new research from Google, 50 percent of mobile users are looking for a local business using their mobile devices when they intend to make an in-store purchase.

4. Mobile-Only User

Recent data shows that a mobile was used by close to 174 million users in the US. That’s 72 percent of the total population, while another 38 percent hold internet-connected phones, or around 93 million people.

5. Purchasing Behaviour of Users

ComScore highlighted that up to 66% of the time spent on online retailing is done via smartphones or tablets, prompting digital marketers and business owners to take this into account when rolling out their mobile SEO strategy.

6. User Experience

Web SEO have evolved well in 2014 and are expected to achieve more in 2015 and beyond. Key to Mobile SEO success is how to provide a superb mobile experience for targeted audiences as they browse their smartphones and tablets through your websites.

7. Responsive Website Technology 

Configuring the page to a responsive technology is an important part of providing a great user experience to mobile web users. Google finds this setup to be an industry best practice, and everybody should hear when this Web foundation talks.

8. Conversational Search 

The advent of “smarter” smartphones gave birth to conversational search technologies such as Siri from Apple and Voice Search from Google. In tandem with the exponential rise in smartphone sales, the use of conversational search is more likely to grow. Google points out that 41 percent of adults and 55 percent of teenagers in America use voice search communication.

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