Website development can be as complicated as you think It might be, but with the right things and factor it could be easy for you to develop and manage your website well regarding that it is a company website or your own personal website.

So here are 9 things that you need to know before developing a website

1. Choosing A Domain

The domain name must be something very unique where it allowed the people to identify your website, therefore it must be something that is easy to memorize and short. If your domain name is difficult to typed then there I some slight chance of your potential visitors getting it wrong.

2. Choosing A Web Host

Knowing is your hosting requirements is one of the first steps in deciding which hosting company you would like to go with. First of all think about what type or what kind of website you would like to host, if your website need special software then perhaps it is an e commerce website and how much volume of traffic do you anticipate.

3. Get Responsive

In this modern days and age, more and more people are browsing the internet on their smart phones more than ever before. A very responsive design could really help you out a lot, as it means that your website is user and mobile-friendly and will automatic re-size to fit the screen of whichever device its being used to view your website.

4. Great Content

In order to have the quality for your website, the content needs to always be up to date and engaging. Viewers tend to like small but informative blocks of text with plenty of eye-catching images or photos. With the right content like relevant, well written or even shareable content could help in driving traffic into your side and improve your search engine ranking bits by bits.

5. Layout

A website should always have a clean and appealing design which is easy to navigate and draws or attract attention your audience or consumer to your product and content. A well design website will definately be an easy job on attracting audience to your side and not only that it could also give your viewers a positive user experience.

6. Feature And Functionality

From an online contact form with captcha test to avert spam, to embedded videos, social media buttons or even a complex shopping cart system with an integrated payment gateway, it’s very important to figure out what is needed in terms of functionality before going ahead with the design to save you from going back at a later date and make major and possibly costly, adjustment.

7. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

It is totally useless when you have a professionally designed website if no one is able to find it/ And it is extremely important for your website to rank high in search engines because it could bring you a lot of benefit, imagine this when you google up for something that you want to know, would you even consider click the 2nd page to find your answer or your answer will always be found in the 1st page, and that is one of the reason why you must rank high in search engine so that it’s will be easy for you to drive traffic.

8. Site Maintenance

CMS also known as content management system is what you need to maintain your website and keep it up to date. It’s basically a web based control panel at the rear end of your website that enables you to add or remove content such as text and image by yourself whenever you want

9. Analytics

Analytics is a very important tool that it is a must to have it, because it can let you know how much traffic your website is getting and where does it come from. Using an online analytics tool like Google Analytics to deliver this date will enable you to strategist and cater for more frequent visitor and attract new ones to improve you website overall performance.

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