About BestWeb Affiliate Partnership Program

What is BestWeb Affiliate Partnership Program?

BestWeb Affiliate Partnership Program is an affiliate program for BestWeb’s Partners to earn incentives. You need to become a BestWeb’s Partner (if you are not) before participating the program. The incentive will be paid based on any new referral sign up to any of BestWeb’s available service packages.

How much incentives will I be entitled to?

The amount of incentives that you can earn depends on the number of new successful referral sign ups. Basically, BestWeb will pay 10% – 20% incentive of the sign up value. Below are the details of commission amount :

1st Sign up (per month) – 10% of total sales value

2nd to 4th Sign up (per month) – 15% of total sales value

5th Sign up onwards (per month) – 20% of total sales value

When will I receive the incentive payout?

The incentive amount payout will be credited automatically to your bank account within 3 working days from the date of invoice payment by the successful referral sign up.

Can I view the detail listing of my referral sign up?

Yes, you can view your detail listing of your referral sign up(s) from your BestWeb CRM dashboard. Kindly proceed to download the mobile app or login via the URL link provided for BestWeb’s Affiliate Partnership Program members.

Will I enjoy the incentive for the renewal of my referral in the next year?

Yes, provided they sign up a new project under your referral.

What are the Terms & Condition(s) for this Affiliate Partnership Program?

BestWeb reserves the right to modify this policy at any time and without advance notice, effective upon making the modified provisions available on the BestWeb Affiliate Partnership Program website link. Our supportive partners would be required to regularly review the Affiliate Program site links for any changes or modifications. Your continued use of the Services after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes. BestWeb does not and will not assume any obligation to notify you of any changes to the terms of the Agreement. Furthermore, BestWeb may add to, change, suspend or discontinue any and all aspects of the Service at any time, with no prior notice necessary and without owing anything further to the Affiliate.

What are the process to join the Affiliate Partnership Program?

Below are the overall process to join the program :

  • Fill in the application form here
  • We will process your application and activate your referral ID
  • We will notify you via email
  • You can start advertising and promoting to earn your incentives

Is the Affiliate Partnership Program membership permanent?

The program will be reviewed yearly. Meaning, every Affiliate Partners will be required to have at least ONE successful referral sign up for this program in a year, failing which, the Affiliate Partner Membership will be expired.

Who can I contact for any further enquiries?

Contact us at [email protected] for any inquiry if you have your own ideas or suggestions on how to effectively promote our program.

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