App tracking transparency causes a shift in ad spending

While ad money has shifted due to privacy concerns, there are evidence of a customer movement toward Android. While it’s true that new device activations are evenly split between Android and iOS, there are other signs that consumers throughout the world prefer Android.

With all signs pointing to a positive future for Android, it’s time to investigate what the Android user base has to offer for your app.

Data-backed tips for marketing on android

Because of the changing mobile landscape, marketing on Android will appear different now and in the future than it has in the past. The brands that succeed will be those who are ready to change, experiment, and try new things.

Prioritizing Android is especially lucrative in a few main categories

Streaming media, pop culture, gaming, and productivity apps may do better with Android users than they do with iOS users. Pop culture, such as movies, music, and television, is more popular among Android users than it is among iOS users. They’re also 10% more likely to be gamers than iPhone users. They’re also more likely to watch more than four hours of internet television every day. They’re also more tech-savvy, with a passion for technology and science.

While it’s always been assumed that Android consumers are more cost-conscious and spend less than iOS users, the growing attention on Android from marketers in this sector can’t be underestimated.

Focus on deals and loyalty

For example, Android users’ buying patterns suggest a proclivity to be misled by loyalty programs and discount offers. This is information that retail and on-demand delivery applications may utilise in their Android marketing.

Creating a program that encourages increased use of your branded app on the device might encourage Android consumers to stick with you and spend more. Furthermore, including discounts in your Android advertisements might encourage additional transactions on the device, which is important today more than ever given that mobile commerce accounts for nearly a third of all e-commerce sales.


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