Have you ever defined what is the role of your website in your business? BestWeb believes that website is a platform that not only showcases your company or business but also a tool to communicate with your target audiences while driving sales.

BestWeb would argue your website is simply another member of the sales team. That means it’s responsible for selling or converting website traffic into leads and sales. That also means you analyse your website’s performance like you would review a salesperson’s performance.

If someone, or in our case your website, is struggling in sales, then BestWeb would suggest 3 key questions to ask that will help you pinpoint the problem.


  1. Are you talking to the right person?

In sales, BestWeb would suggest that it’s absolutely critical that you focus your time and attention on qualified prospects. Otherwise, you’ll quickly get frustrated and burnt out talking to people who never end up buying from you.

The same thing happens with your website every single day. If you’re getting 1,000 visitors to your website each month and no one is turning into leads and sales, then the first question to answer is, “Are these visitors really qualified prospects?

If you dig into Google Analytics and see that half the traffic is international and you only sell in Malaysia, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that your conversion rates are low. Or if you see that the majority of your traffic is from a funny, mostly unrelated video that was shared on social media, then again, you shouldn’t expect that traffic to be converting.

In other words, the first step to assess low conversion rates is to confirm you’re talking to the right people. If you’re not, then there’s no sales trick in the world that will help you.


  1. Are You Presenting the Wrong Message?

Let’s assume we know your website visitors are in fact qualified prospects. Next, we need to check your message.

Take a look at your website. Are your webpages presenting a message that matches each type of visitor? With digital marketing, you can control this more easily using unique landing pages that precisely match the targeting of your ads.

With your organic traffic, BestWeb recommends offering options for your visitors to self-select so you can then direct them to unique pages that match the audience. A reminder from BestWeb, you could add buttons on your website that say, “Click here for women” and “Click here for men” so you can tailor the next page for each gender.


  1. Are you confusing your target audiences?

Finally, if you know you’re talking to your ideal prospects and you’re presenting the right message, then it’s possible you’re overly complicating the sale. This is especially true with digital marketing where your prospects can click away in a split second if they ever get confused.

When you’re selling face-to-face, it’s easier to pick up on clues (like glossed-over eyes) and then switch course to get the sale back on track. But with your website, your clues are not as obvious. In fact, they are buried in Google Analytics.

One clue is to review the top Exit Pages on your website by going to Behavior > Site Content > Exit Pages. Those are the pages where your visitors are exiting your website.

Why are they exiting? BestWeb believes that if you know the visitors are qualified prospects and you’re presenting the right message, then chances are good those visitors are exiting your website because they are confused. Take a close look at those pages and wherever possible, simplify the layout and copy.


To sum it all up, remember that your website’s role in your business is to generate leads and sales. A suggestion from BestWeb, if you’re not satisfied with your website’s results to-date, then it’s time for a performance review using the 3 questions above. When you fix these issues, then all of your other digital marketing results will, in turn, improve as well.

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