What are the benefits of Digital Marketing

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Marketing is about to connect your target audience. If I talk about traditional marketing then people use printed stuff like a banner, brochure, catalog, hoardings, Newspaper, Magazine etc. it takes a lot of time to reach people and its not necessary that it will reach with the right audience. Apart from this, it cost a lot and only big organization/company can afford this. Still, many companies are using the traditional way of marketing. But in the globalization era, traditional marketing is not enough if you want to reach all over the world. Now we are moving into the digital world so marketing should be digital also to reach globally.


Basically, If we connect with our audience via a digital method that is called digital marketing. There is some platform to connect with the right audience such as television, radio, Internet, Mobile, SMS, Social Media, emails, blogs etc.


Benefits of Digital Marketing


There are a lot of benefits which any organization/company get via digitally. This is a very effective and modern way to market your product/service. The benefits of digital marketing include :


Cost effective

It is a very cost effective marketing than traditional marketing. You can reach your target audience at an affordable price with higher impact. If you give an ad on newspaper/magazine it cost too much. But digitally you can reach right audience on right time at a very low price and it will save your time also.


The growth of small business

Marketing and advertising budget is a very big financial burden for any company, while big organization/company can afford this, but for small business, this is not possible to spend that much amount to market their product/services. For them, digital method is very affordable than the traditional method. By using these small companies also can market their product/service to the right audience and can get benefits.


Reach globally

The Internet gave us a very powerful opportunity to connect with the world from anywhere. Anyone can get benefits through this and can promote their brand. It has been possible via digitizing the information. You can give customer support online from anywhere, anytime. Suppose if somebody wants your product/service whether he/she is a couple of thousand kilometers far from you, can get product/services from there. So basically you can reach your audience from anywhere through digital marketing.


Easy to analyze

In traditional marketing, it is not easy to analyze that how many people see your product or how many are interested in your products but in digitally you can easily track a complete record about your audience, by this service you can do direct sale pitch who are interested in your product/services. That is one of the best features of internet marketing which we can use to convert lead generate.


Brand Recall

It is very necessary to recall your brand to the audience because competitors are everywhere and in every field. If you want that people should know about your brand that you have to market your product as much as you can. If you will not do regular marketing people will forget it. And as we all know traditional marketing is very costly to promote, then the only option now we have is digital marketing. For brand recall, you have to make social media page and email marketing so that people can be linked with you via these platforms.


High ROI (Return of Investment)

Traditional marketing ROI is not as much as you can get by digital marketing because in traditional marketing you have to invest a lot and will not get benefit up to the mark but in digitally you don’t need to invest as much but will get return more than traditional marketing. Internet marketing will help you to get quick publicity and give you a fast result.

As we all understand the difference between traditional market v/s digital market. In the future digital method is the best way to communicate with your customer, it saves your money as well as time. And everybody knows that time is money.


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