As customer data becomes widely available, many companies are customizing products.

Some companies will put your name on things. Others will tailor their suggestions to your specific desires. Should you?

  • Customization is a fresh trend that is popular with customers and can add an edge to your
  • Small businesses, however, should carefully review if customization can fit into their business
  • A well-thought-out plan is key if your business wants to add customized

Branding and marketing are changing rapidly to suit an ever-evolving market. Among the latest trends is a growing interest in customization, a response to customers increasingly wanting new ways to feel special and “seen” by big companies.

“If you don’t customize your product, at the end of the day, there isn’t much that separates you from your competitors,” said Jackie Khoh, Vice President and Human Resource of BestWeb.

Allowing the customers, a hand in creating exactly the product they are looking for adds significant value to the product and the customer’s time. It also has an enormous psychological effect in that it creates a personal connection between the customer and the product, and, by extension, between the customer and the business.


Do BestWeb’s customized services makes sense for your business?

The next thing you should do is determine whether or not customization makes sense for your business.

“If it takes substantial resources and distracts from the core business, or if it’s not feasible financially, then it may not be beneficial,” said Gaby Wong, product manager of BestWeb.

Not all businesses or products lend themselves to customization as an option. Think about what your business offers and whether that product or service can be tailored to individual customers, as well as whether your business has the capacity – both financial and human – to support it.

BestWeb do choose to try customization, BestWeb make sure and know their customers well. The key to successful customization is having as much data as we can about the audience to make sure the services or products are fulfilling customers’ expectations. BestWeb provide plenty of opportunities for customers to contribute information in social media – like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Wechat, and so on – and make sure that BestWeb have a system to analyse and use that data.


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