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How To Build A Good Online Brand?

By April 10, 2019 No Comments


Having a strong brand on the Internet is a must for most business, and especially for those starting to make themselves known. It’s also an important factor for the success of bigger brands, though admittedly they have an easier time of building it online since they can build on their existing offline image. But if you’re just starting your Internet business, having a good product is just to start to actually make it profitable, and you’ll need to work on making your brand well known.


Importance of a Good Brand Name

First of all, you need to brainstorm for a good name that holds people attention and gives the image you want for your business. Depending on what product or service you try to sell you might want to sound funny, or serious and respectable, but above all you want to be remembered. Think of how the name is pronounced as well, you want people to be able to talk to each other about you. And if you’re in for a global market, do some research to avoid words that have a totally different meaning (sometimes in bad taste) in your bigger markets. Since you want your business to be online it’s wise to register domains related to your name (and common misspellings) before some cyber-squatter does it for you.

Marketing Is About Telling Stories

You also need to have a very clear message for your site. A story that answers the “what is my product, why did I create it, and how am I going to do it” question in a way that invites other people to answer and add more questions. Something that you can put on your blog, your twitters or tell somebody in a quick sales pitch that will get them impressed about how passionate you are about your job and how your product is a well thought one that will fill a need for something people want. Keep it personal, nobody wants to hear a whitewashed corporate speech that doesn’t make them think. Competition is fierce, there are thousands of brands competing for your potential users, and said users want to know why you are different and better.

Building trust

Once you have people interested in your brand, you need to make sure they don’t feel you’re just yet another hype that will go fast, or somebody who is going to play with their private data without them knowing, or just a big waste of time. Make sure your terms of service are clear and easy to reach, so your visitors know that they can trust you. Be accessible, so if a user has a problem they can contact you before posting an angry and fun article on the blog-sphere that will undo your marketing efforts.  Once your online brand starts to be established your own satisfied customers will become your PR agents and you will be able to work on consolidating and expanding, and you’ll be firmly headed to having a successful online business.