The process of developing a new website or redesigning the already existing one tends to come with some challenges that need to be addressed conscientiously. Each type of design is unique in its own way. The Custom Web Design is usually more costly as compared to the Premade Web Design. This causes a lot of dilemma to a number of the aspiring website owners, who tend to get confused about the type to opt for. There is a need to first get acquainted with these two types of web designs before settling on the ideal type of web design.

Things To Consider Before Commencing On A Web Project


You should evaluate the purpose of the Web project and the type of layout you wish to have. Also, you should evaluate whether or not you will have to include certain elements such as a background designed from another project. A template design will offer you a small amount of customization with some limitation on the creativity regarding the presentation of the information to the client.

2. Flexibility

You should ask yourself about the uniqueness of your business and the various components that needed on your Website. Suppose you are looking to include several different elements such as videos, custom graphics, and customer forms, then you should opt for a Custom Web Design as compared to a Template Web Design.


You should ask yourself whether or not you will require regular branding across all your various media including business cards, emails, and website among others.

Custom Web Design V/S Website Templates/Premade Web Designs

A professional image is one of the essential requirements of a business. Therefore, it is important to select the right type of Web Design that amalgamates perfectly with your business as this is what will make the online presence of your business noticeable by several prospective clients. The following is a brief overview describing the benefits of each method of Web Design.

Benefits Of Using The Custom Web Design

  • A unique design: A custom web design is created specifically for your business hence will stand out from the rest.
  • A custom web design can adapt to your company’s needs with ease. In the case of a list of features intended to be added on your website, you can easily adjust the website to suit your requirements.
  • You can choose to hire your own web designer. This can help you come up with a good web layout that is search engine friendly.
  • Scalability: Opting for a custom web design enables you choose the best web designer who will consider what you intend to do in future. The web designer will select the most suitable technology while continuing to build your website.

Benefits of using the Website Templates

  • Website templates are ideal for obtaining inspiration of colors, features, and layouts.
  • Website templates are much cost-effective when you need to start operating your business immediately.
  • A shorter development time is usually common with the website template.

You should always keep in mind the desire to see your business stand out from the rest when making a decision regarding the type of web design to settle on. A lot still has to be done after choosing the appropriate web design like researching the phrases that will be typed by the target audience. In order to build and maintain your website yourself, you will have to invest some of your time and money to learn more about what it takes to operate a web page.

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