Below are some of the services BestWeb can provide your business. With these services we can prove to you, digital marketing is the way of the future and is here to put traditional marketing to bed.

SEO – Improve Customer Engagement

Including SEO in your marketing strategy is very important. If your ad is ranked at the top of a search engine you are more likely to receive more impressions and clicks compared to your competitors resulting in a significant increase in traffic to your website. SEO also significantly improves customer engagement with your website, we’ll explain how. If your site has been optimised to appear higher in search engines, and a customer enters in keywords that will trigger your ad to appear, they are more likely to see your ad first and click on it.

The more relevant the keywords, the more time a customer will spend on your website reading content, looking at products and getting to know your services, and this this can all be tracked through Google Analytics. SEO provides an ROI whether you’re an ecommerce or non-ecommerce site by providing trackable and quantifiable results from form submissions, lead enquiries or sales.

SEM – Maximize your Google Search Results

Online advertisements allow you to show your ads to people who are potentially interested in your products and services. It also allows you to filter out people who aren’t interested, ensuring everyone who searches in Google is receiving search results they actually want to read. You are able to affordably reach potential customers on multiple devices such as – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. You’re also able to track whether those people have clicked your ads and then use that information to target your ads to the exact customer your business is suited to.

Facebook – Create Brand Awareness

With over 12 million active Facebook users in Australia, the online marketing platform has the potential to reach many people who share the same interests, which could be your product or service. It’s been said consumers are 40-100 times more likely to engage with your brand through your Facebook business page as they are communicating on a platform they already feel comfortable on. Facebook advertisements can appear in users newsfeeds, and won’t appear intrusive or overwhelming. Each advertisement can also include specific targeting such as, the geographical location, personal interests, age among many others, so your ad can reach people who will genuinely be interested in your business. Facebook pages are also a great tool to show the social side of a company, the people behind the products or services and put a face to a name. BestWeb can help your business come up with a strategic approach to social media advertising to reach your target demographic and generate more leads to your website through this online marketing platform.


Ever visited a website that was hard to navigate and just given up? Your website needs to have functionality. Your website is your marketing brochure, basically your online shop front and it needs to be impressive. Having a bad website can potentially damage all your hard work with SEM, SEO and Facebook. Because all these services are directing your customers to your website. If you think your website isn’t up to scratch, leave it up to our web development team at BestWeb.

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