What is a mobile application?

A mobile application is a software application designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is a result of recent technological innovations. Mobile applications have appeared because of the convergence of media, information technology, the Internet, and advanced technologies. In addition, for many years, mobile telecommunications have been under investigation by mobile device manufacturers, mobile service providers, application developers, and many researchers in the sphere of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS). However, the most interesting area for research is mobile application evolution.

Transactions on mobile applications

Mobile devices and smartphones can be still considered as new ideas in the technology community. Compared to personal computers and laptops, the common mobile smartphones have only been around for a couple of years now. This leads to an interesting area of discussion on mobile payments online. In this increasingly digital world, it is not surprising that money will follow suit as well. Recent trends show that digital money kept in mobile wallets will soon replace physical cash and even credit cards. We can buy most products and services online these days via our laptops and mobile devices. It is easy to link this process to our bank accounts and online payment processors like TnG E Wallet and Grab Pay.

SMS payments are currently one of the most popular methods of using mobile phones to pay for goods, services, or even to make person-to-person payments. To make SMS payments, a user needs only a phone with SMS capability. That is why many experts believe that because of the simple nature of SMS payments, they will continue to be a prospective area in mobile payments.

Generations of mobile applications

The handset manufacturers designed and developed mobile phones of the first generation. The competition was fierce and trade secrets were guarded. They did not want to expose the secrets of their handsets, so they developed the phone software in-house. During this period, the first “time-waster” games started to appear. Nokia was famous for putting the video game Snake on some of its earliest phones (1970-ies). Because of such things, people started to change their attitude to communication. When prices for mobile phones have dropped and batteries were improved, more people began carrying handy devices.

Why are mobile applications necessary?

Currently, almost 80% of people are online through mobile devices. Most of these people prefer mobile applications because they are easy to use and perform tasks instantly. Users become more dependable on the mobile application when solving easy tasks like booking movie tickets, checking sports scores, buying and selling, or many other similar routine activities. These tasks can be solved with a single click. A mobile app available on the apps store has more chances to convert visits into business. That assists to increase the rate of sales.

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