Apparently, web design is a labor-intensive process and is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, it is important to trust the right person who knows this subject. A person who knows which trends and trends are valid should be avoided so that the Website is not only easy to use for the user, but also for the administrator. The first thing to do before you start designing is to choose a good and memorable domain name. Then, make sure that the person you want to set up is free of charge or associated with your company, products, or services. It is also worth checking if the selected name exists on social networks. Once you have purchased a domain, it’s time to create a site and make more decisions.

1. Chart layout

This is the first time a user encounters. It is important , to have thoughtful graphics friendly colors. . Avoid too much color palette because too much color disturbs you and you don’t know what to look for. It is best to choose between two and four colors. Animations, media and other virtual tools are limited to a minimum and it is best to stay away from them. It is also important type , size and , the color of the letters were legible characters. It is not desirable to change graphic design often because it brings chaos and confusion to the visitor. Internet users do not like changes in the websites they visit frequently. Developed plans and rituals play an extremely important role in surfing the internet. By entering the favorite page, we automatically move the cursor to the bookmark we’re interested in. If it’s not there or looks different than before, the user must re-learn the page that takes more time. Unfortunately, everyone is sick and looking for something, so it’s easy to give up browsing the site.

2. Transparent

Page titles, photos, text, paragraphs, etc. when many information items are not overloaded transparent. Information items on the page should be loosely separated and there should be gaps between them.

3. Function

Special attention should be paid to the functionality of the website. If you haven’t implemented the so-called”Three-click method”. before, it’s worth thinking.According to this rule, any information that is requested by the user on the website it should be able to access three sub-pages with a maximum of three clicks from the home page. An alternative to this method is to introduce a search bar on the side or top of the page that allows you to quickly find what you need.This is especially useful in online stores. A good option is to add widgets that look like, for example, a fan page or Twitter account information.This also provides instant subscriptions.

4. Key information only

The text should be kept at minimum level. It is worth to avoid adding only the most important information to the site without unnecessary content.Everyone has the ability to concentrate.More text is sure no one can read it. For example, depending on the type of company that is worth putting up a slogan that summarizes what the company is doing, there should be a few things that enter the information Field on the website.If the restaurant is in case the manufacturer should be sending the important menu card with the price list, put a good product photos a service company must be required, resources can be published.

5. Intuitive navigation

A web site does not function without logical navigation.Therefore, you should use explicit and understandable, names for individual sub-pages, for example, about us, offer, Contact, Gallery so, shorter is better. The user clicks what is currently needed and does not search the entire page.

6. Sensitivity

Mobile devices are becoming cheaper and more affordable. We use smartphones and tablets to navigate the web more often. According to the survey, 70% of the purchase decisions are made within one hour of checking the offer offered on the mobile website. This, means that users can browse mobile websites to do or purchase something at a given time. If you are looking for a restaurant or want to order something to eat and find in the way that your mobile devices are adapted, it is quite likely that you will benefit from it.

As you can see, creating a good website carries many choices and decisions. It depends on how we will be remembered by a potential customer, whether he or she is willing to return to it, and, most importantly, whether she will use our products or services.Therefore, don’t let your site make your business unprofitable and contribute to a false professional patch.And remember, the first impression can only be made once.

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