Create crash-free users and sessions

An unhandled error is defined as a crash. This could happen during the application’s initial load phase or at any point during its use. The number of sessions that did not finish due to the program’s crash, as well as the proportion of users who did not suffer a crash, are essential KPIs for monitoring application stability.

Tracking and comparing these metrics from release to release might reveal trends and give you vital information about the health of your code.

Cold and warm app start times

When a user hits an app icon, it should launch immediately. The length of time elapsed between starting the process and drawing the associated activity on the screen is represented by the app start time values.

It is critical that an app load quickly, regardless of platform, because this is a user’s first interaction with a company, and poor load times provide a negative first impression. Companies should keep note of how long it takes their programme to draw the first frame on iOS, Mac Catalyst, tvOS, and Android. This data can be used to optimise the app’s startup time.

Slow and frozen frames

Users are irritated by unresponsive user interfaces, animation stutters, and other app jank, which diminish the user experience. Slow and frozen frames are two mobile vitals that quantify these concerns.

The frame rate on a phone or tablet is normally 60 frames per second (fps), though it can be as high as 120 fps. If a frame takes more than 16.67 milliseconds to render at 60 frames per second, it is termed a sluggish frame. Frozen frames are UI frames that take more than 700 milliseconds to load. An app that is working properly should not have any issues.

User misery

The user-weighted performance metric User Misery is used to assess the relative magnitude of application performance. While developers can look at the ratio of different response time threshold levels, User Misery measures the number of unique users who have been annoyed by four times the acceptable response time barrier (ms). The transactions that have the greatest impact on users are highlighted in User Misery.

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