When you make your decision, it will be great to understand what options your company has. Anyway, you’ll end up comparing native apps vs hybrid apps. Both approaches are a good fit for certain circumstances. Comparing hybrid vs native app benefits of each approach are vivid and clear. This is the task of each company to clarify their purposes from the very beginning to get the expected results.

Native apps vs hybrid apps alternative has not caused competition but revealed more opportunities for the companies to provide their user with the best experiences. The main target of the company and developers is to execute them well.

Advantages of Hybrid apps development

  • Single code base — This is the advantage that causes all the following benefits. Hybrid apps are preferred by companies and developers as they can perform on both platforms. There will be no need for building two separate codes for iOS and Android by reason of the code common functionality.
  • Lower cost. The company can make huge savings by developing one mobile application while addressing users on different platforms. You have the necessity to hire one team with some expertise in both but only good expertise in web development would be enough. Your expenses will be almost the same as building only one that is designed to run everywhere.
  • Simpler to build and test — The team will reach the expected result faster. They don’t deal with each platform separately. The code is created once and testing time is also going to be reduced.
  • Easier to maintain — All required changes and updates will be maintained simultaneously on both platforms. It is not only convenient for the developers for the users as well. A lot of issues are possible to fix from the server side, and the user will just get the updates automatically.
  • Faster delivery time — As we mentioned above you don’t need to have two iOS and Android teams or large cross-functional team, you just need to find one relatively small team of professionals. They can create a cleverly marketed product that will be interesting for different users. The hybrid applications have recommended themselves as content-oriented.

Advantages of native apps development

  • Better performance — When we analyze hybrid vs native app performance, it is clear that the native applications will be faster. They are built with the framework that is native to the platform.
  • Data protection — It is much easier to make the native application secure. That is the advantage that a lot of companies are interested in providing for their customers especially in the enterprise sector and applications with sensitive data.
  • Overall functionality — The application will have the important ability to connect the device hardware features and different databases. There is no need for plugins or extra tools.
  • Customer experience — They will definitely have high performance. In addition, they can work in offline mode, which is still an issue for the hybrid app examples.
  • Comprehension — The developers are already aware of all strengths and weaknesses of using well-established technologies. They will help to find the right approach for receiving final desirable results.

When we have already checked all the advantages hybrid and native apps of the development process, you can notice the core difference between native and hybrid app. Native app is two completely different pieces of software designed for either the Android or iOS platform, while hybrid ones are the same software working on both platforms with minor tweaks. This significant difference precedes the list of following criteria.

The companies need to set exact goals that are interested in. The hybrid vs native app choice will influence the final results. However there is not one perfect match, everything depends on the project. Therefore each kind of mobile apps will be perfect for different cases.

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