Have you heard that we have lower attention spans than a goldfish? According to a Microsoft study, most people lose focus after eight seconds since our world is becoming increasingly digital and distracted. We are more distracted than ever before, which makes interacting with people in work and beyond more difficult.

Innovation and proper tech usage can help companies engineer a better customer experience and keep them coming back.

Simplify complex systems

If processes can be made simpler for the benefit of customers and/or the businesses that service them, they should be. It’s self-evident, but it also implies that even if something works, it may need to be changed.

The bulk of internet users choose mobile options over all others, thus systems and processes should take this into account. Examine your customer’s journey to see if it’s optimized for a mobile-first environment, whether it’s retail, informational, or interactive. This is critical as we continue to respond to the pandemic’s effects, with many individuals working remotely or requiring services to be provided online.

Make it easy for the customer to finish their journey

It’s critical to understand where your customers could get stuck or slowed down on their way to completing their trip, regardless of industry. This could mean they don’t file paperwork because it’s too difficult, or they don’t finish a transaction because the online processing page isn’t mobile-friendly.

These problems cause firms to lose a lot of money, but they can be readily remedied with the correct technology. As the world becomes more reliant on mobile-first tools, it’s more important than ever for businesses to remain ahead of the curve and design a customer journey that meets consumers where they are already—on their phones. A mobile-first business strategy, which incorporates marketing, sales, and technology, has the potential to completely revolutionize your company.

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