In the world that we live in, technology forms one of the most important aspects of our daily lives. Human life has come to depend upon it so much that without technology in some form or another, we would be lost.

One of the major reasons for this daily-life dependency on technology has been the use of smartphones, which are used by 44% of the total world population currently. This is a huge number in the eyes of businesses and profitable corporations. This expansive target market that uses smartphones can be reached through innovative apps.

Hybrid apps are one of the most popular mobile applications that can be downloaded from the app store. These apps are built by combining technologies like CSS, Java Script and HTML. The main difference between a hybrid and a native app is that the former doesn’t have to be built differently for various operating systems.

Ionic 2 and Hybrid App Development

The ionic framework utilizes Cordova and offers you a UI framework which mimics that native UI. This simply means that you do not have to bother about the implementation of a native-like UI and carry out debugging the quirks that might be present in different web view implementations on different platforms.

The Iconic 2 framework is built on Angular 2 for the development of web applications. The latter has been made by Google and deserves an important mention when it comes to the popular trends in the field of hybrid app development.

Angular 2 and Hybrid App Development

One of the few things that the app developing community seems to be in agreement with is that Angular 2 is one the best frameworks for hybrid app development. It is highly efficient and considered to be much better than Angular JS.

While Angular JS 1, when used on the ionic framework allowed several things like data binding, form validation and progressive views, Angular 2 is preferred for several reasons. Firstly, using Angular 2 on Ionic 2 allows using TypeScript. This makes the development procedure much more efficient and not to mention, easier.

These apps are also easier to troubleshoot if some problems are to surface later on. Therefore, it is because of these major reasons why Angular 2 and Ionic 2 have come to be extremely important in current hybrid app development trends.

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