The user engagement is the pivot to determine app success. Once you launch an app, the work does not end with the marketing of app and with the push for users to download and install it. After multiple downloads of the app, if you got to know that the customer is not using your apps then the success graph is not going to linger long at the top. Without active users, the high numbers of download means nothing from business perspective. The mobile app engagement and the retention of mobile app are the two pillars upon which the success of any app is determined.

High engagement and higher retention: Successful app
Low engagement and lower retention rate: App failure

What is App engagement?

The app engagement describes how many active users are there over your app. Accordingly, the highly engaged users are those that have 10+ sessions per month.


Retention rate is the rate of the user to keep coming back to the app within a certain time. The time is generally considered 3 months.

The cumulative assessment of these two determines the numbers of loyal users for a particular app. For achieving the larger conversion and monetization, the core step is to keep a user engaged and ensure the repetitive usage of the app.

Insights into User engagement and retention:

It is a difficult task to achieve sufficient user engagement and retention. The mobile app development services are primarily working over these two facets of app success more than mere app development. The integration of a few proven components into the development process makes it effective development. The effective development is not a new science, but the incorporation of some tried and tested methods for user retention and engagement.

Below are some proven concepts:

Easier Onboarding:

The first step is to make an excellent onboarding experience for the users. If the first step to the app is hard to comprehend then, it makes a significantly negative impact over your app.

 Reduce the steps of signing up.
Keep fewer numbers of information fields
Avoid the confusing features

For ensuring, that user does not abandon the app, it is necessary to let users enter into the app smoothly. The elegant onboarding increases the lifetime of app up to 60 percent. The few steps can be taken to create the frictionless onboarding process. The sign-up and login must be easy and less time to consume with multiple registration options, while the overloading of information also annoys users. Keep it simple and straight.

Push Notification:

The powerful contributor to increasing user retention. Push notification increases user retention by keeping him engaged and providing a timely update from the app. Once you make a good first impression, the ground is ready to convince user for push notification. With timely notification, you can keep user update and engaged with the happenings of the app.

The push notification should not be too frequent to irritate the user, rather, timely and specific, to remind the existence of the app of his choice. The effective implementation encourages the daily usage and compels to return to the app.


Personalization of the mobile app is an important aspect of the successful application. It is one of the most viable components, which provide a unique and relevant user experience to the user. The perfectly aligned app often used more than other apps. No longer, have the mobile apps showed a similar experience for every device. The customized relevant content and perfectly tailored insights offer the real value to users. The push notification with personalization tends to work 54 percent more than the untailored notifications.

Pay for user engagement:

To keep your user engaged, you can keep the incentive of several cash back/refund/voucher/ special promotions. The agencies offering mobile app development services posses a large experience in monetization model that you can utilize.

Speed up your App performance:

The user wants the optimum performance of the app and the task like downloading uploading and surfing in a few seconds. The slow performance can avert the customer two other available apps. Today one the world is getting data at the highest speed the user wants every task through the devices to be at the maximum performance. Retailers are making deliveries the same day, while the international trips can be booked in just fraction of seconds. The app lovers want the dear app to load content fast, navigate swiftly, and jump through the pages more easily. This is only possible when the back end of the app is working properly and super efficiently.


Mobile app developer always enforces over the effective development of an app to make it work optimum and gain customers for long-term retention. One time sale is not the key to success for the app. The app has to engage customers for the long term to compete in the ever-changing market.


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