E-commerce and Mobile Apps: A Perfect Match

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. There really is an app for almost anything, and e-commerce is not one to get left behind.

More and more e-commerce businesses are creating apps of their own and it seems that this is one good step for the industry. As mentioned above, retail giant Target saw a 200% increase in sales via mobile app last Black Friday. Amazon and Walmart amassed a huge amount of revenue by starting their Black Friday deals early via their mobile apps.

E-commerce itself has changed the way that people shop. Prior to online retail, people had to dress up, gas up and drive up just to shop. Traffic is slow, malls are jam-packed, and that’s not the worst part. Many times, after all that hassle, you go home empty handed because you couldn’t find what you needed.

Then came online shopping. You can stay in your pajamas, switch on your computer, and find exactly what you want. And within a relatively short time, your item will be delivered to you at home! How convenient!

On top of the convenience, there are also lots of good deals and promos that can make buying online cheaper than going to a brick-and-mortar store to shop. The time and money saved by online shopping has made it a good and, to a certain extent, better alternative.

Mobile apps for e-commerce businesses are once again changing how shopping is done. The convenience of online shopping is being made even more convenient. With a single tap on the app’s icon, you will be led to a store’s product offerings. A little scroll or swipe, and you are sure to find the perfect product for you!

With mobile apps, shopping is redefined and many people would agree that e-commerce and mobile apps are a perfect match.

Mobile Apps: Reshaping the E-commerce Industry

Studies have shown that up to 89% of users are using mobile apps rather than going to mobile websites. E-commerce businesses are also showing that an average of two-thirds of all traffic to online stores are coming from mobile phones or tablets. This number alone shows how dramatic the shift has been. Users are seeing how useful mobile apps are.

With sales figures continuing to be on the rise, this development seems to be working wonders for the industry. In 2015, revenues from mobile retailer apps reached $80.94 billion. In 2018, that number is expected to reach $206.53 billion, a 155% increase in just three years.

What’s even more interesting about mobile apps is that it has helped small businesses get on equal footing with established competitors, enterprise companies, and even industry leaders. It’s as if mobile apps are giving new entrants a boost. Ultimately, mobile apps are giving everyone a chance to make it big in the e-commerce industry.

In the past, mobile apps were hard to build. It took a developer to create a mobile app that could only do so much anyway. Nowadays, creating your own mobile app is easier, simpler and more affordable. DIY mobile app development has made it possible for small businesses to create and publish their own mobile apps without the hassle of knowing how to code the app itself.

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