The CTO of Best Web, Mr. Xavier said: “A mobile app, short for mobile application or just app, is an application software designed to run on perspicacious phones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices”. An App makes sense or is desired if the goal is to have an interactive engagement with users or to provide an application that requires to work more akin to a computer program than a website. Apps are available via distribution platforms on concrete app stores. There are free as well as paid apps. Few apps initially are available for free, but later a minimum fee is required to relish premium benefits. “The IPhone’s powerful software, revolutionary user interface, and powerful development platform had driven an almost overnight explosion of apps”. The most widely used smartphones for mobile apps are iPhone, Android phone, or Windows Phone. For apps with a price, generally a percentage, 20-30%, goes to the distribution provider and the rest goes to the producer of the app. According to mobile stats, the number of apps installed by the average perspicacious phone user (Global) is 26. So, this number limpidly shows that apps are the expedient through which consumers want to consume content on mobile phones.

Originally mobile apps were offered for informational and productivity purposes that included email, calendar, contacts, calculator, and weather information. With the rapid magnification in the technology and users’ prospects, the developer implements expanded into other categories such as mobile games, GPS, banking, ticket purchases, social media, video chats, factory automation, location-based services, fitness apps, and recently mobile medical apps.

An app can extract content and information from the internet in a similar fashion to a website, but it can also download the content so that it can be utilized later in the absence of an Internet connection which is a great advantage. So, apps that do not need an internet connection can be used “anywhere and everywhere” i.e., the app can be used offline. Few disadvantages of the popularity of mobile apps have perpetuated to elevate, as their use has become more and more prevalent across mobile phone users. This is pellucidly evident from the numbers given by i.e., Total projected Mobile app downloads in 2021 are 102 billion and the Total projected mobile app revenue in 2021 RM26 billion. There are several websites and a few articles that have captured the statistics of mobile apps in terms of the number of developers growing each year, the number of apps increasing every year, revenues generated from apps, the number of apps that are appearing on different platforms and most popularly used apps on different platforms.

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