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Why all Shopify Merchants Should be Sending a Birthday Email

By June 22, 2017 No Comments

As you wake up on your birthday you expect to see up to several texts, social media messages, maybe even calls to wish you a great day. However, you might be surprised to see some personalised messages from your favourite brands.

Most of your customers are going to be in a great mood on their birthday and their mood is only going to get better when they realise you’ve taken the time to remember their special day and send them a personal message. It’s a really simple way to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers and drive additional revenue.

A study conducted by Experian found that sending birthday emails is one of the most effective ways for merchants to increase sales from their email campaigns.

Here’s some of the key findings:

481% – higher transaction rate than promotional emails

342% – higher revenue per email than promotional emails

179% – higher unique click rates than promotional emails.

In order to achieve the impressive performance stats above we’ve put together some helpful tips to ensure your campaign is successful

  • Sending the offer on their actual birthday

This one seems an obvious one but you will be surprised to know more than around 38% of birthday emails are sent around 1-3 weeks before the birthday (Campaign Monitor). To help with this one you can use a Shopify app such as Happy Birthday Email to take care of all this for you. The app collects the date of birth of the customer at the checkout and automatically sends the email on their birthdate.

  • Use automation and save time

This can be done manually, but it’s a pretty laborious task. Our advice is to use an app like mentioned above to take care of the collecting of the data and firing of the emails. It means that every single customer will receive an email on time and increase your revenue from this email campaign.

  • Clear call to action

Every email you send should have a clear call to action, and this is no different. You need to think of the end goal for this campaign and ultimately it’s to drive additional revenue. So having a clear action button such as ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Use your birthday discount now’ will be a great way to drive the click through rate.

  • Keep the message concise

There’s not much you need to say in this email. There’s no need to go into a long sales pitch. Keep things very simple and wish your customer a great day, offer them a gift of some sort and keep the whole email to around 30-50 words.

  • Fun tone of voice

This is your customer’s special day so make sure you share their enthusiasm and leave a personal touch.

  • Customers love promotions

Finally, but probably most importantly, make sure you offer your customer a gift of some sort. It could be free shipping on their next order, it could be a unique gift that’s not available to all customers or it could be a simple discount code. Customers on their birthday will be expecting and accepting gifts so it’s a great opportunity for you to drive a sale.

Start your happy birthday email campaign today by installing their Happy Birthday app! They are offering free email template designs for a limited time only to ensure you send a beautiful, fully responsive, branded email to each and every customer on their special day.

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