The software product development model is a tool to make it easier for a significant number of software development companies to work together on a joint project. In BestWeb, every fantastic software program begins with a plan and a clear system in place.


  1. Brainstorming And Planning Cycle

Everything begins with a brilliant idea. But to be implemented, any concept needs to be thoroughly thought over. The Brainstorming phase involves an assessment of the conceptual framework as defined by the customer. BestWeb’s developers build a robust solution by pondering over the key requirements that can meet the needs of the customers.

Once a client or stakeholder has suggested a project, the first phase of the SDLC is planning. This usually means – availability and allocation of resources, project planning, and cost analysis.

At the end of the planning cycle, BestWeb has enough information to compile a High-Level Scope of Work, that is, a plan that links what is being developed and how and why you see it flowing together. This step is not only for a software development department but also for a mobile app development department in BestWeb.


  1. Project Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility study, an integral element of the app development cycle, helps BestWeb identify not only the technical but also the economic aspects of the client’s software development process.

Clean code and jazzy designs are not enough to develop a provable solution. BestWeb possesses in-depth knowledge of the project target and collects all the requisites from the development team.

An adequate amount of strategy formulation helps to predict the risks that may arise during the development process of the software. It will also help BestWeb in preparing for risk management strategies.


  1. Resource Allocation

The next move is to consider the project’s technical specifications. Each piece of software aims to fix a customer issue, whether it is an app, website redesign, or new version.

As moving forward from the planning stage, the developers from BestWeb start asking questions about the specifics of the venture, such as who will use it, and why? What kind of input/output is desired for data? Are you going to have to integrate with other APIs or tools? How are you going to control protection/privacy?

Once the responses to these questions are received by BestWeb’s developers, the team can begin to scope out the technical specifications, test aspects, and determine the application framework.


  1. Designing The Software

The design of the software is an important component of the development of software projects. The actual conception of the solution is developed during the design phase, which consists of a comprehensive software architecture that meets unique project specifications.

This phase of the SDLC includes creating simpler prototypes to demonstrate how interactions function in the software or using a method like InVision to test users, depending on what process of software development you follow.

This move assists the BestWeb’s developers to test the suggestions before we allocate our ideas to code and get constructive advice.


  1. Coding And Software Development

After planning the program features and design, it is time to develop the software according to the specifications, taking inputs from everyone on board.

This phase of SDLC is the most challenging and potentially dangerous phase. In general, prototypes and the final mock-ups are used in the product design of the apps to make them customer-centric.

Therefore, it is important to identify wireframes, specifications, workflows, and end goals, while also taking into account user engagement and final performance.

This stage is all about the writing of the code and the conversion of the design documents in the actual software process. Generally, this stage of the SDLC is the longest since it forms the cornerstone of the entire process.

However, the ready-to-use program can meet the specifications of the software project if the previous phases of software development have been carefully met by the developers.

  1. Quality Check And Testing Of The Final Product

The release period of software development progresses from the alpha, beta, release candidate to the final design launch. The test stage is started after the complete architecture and expected solution features have been designed.

The developers from BestWeb should be confident that no buggy apps are being offered to the customers as they can destroy your credibility and cause financial losses.

In the software development process, testing plays an enormous role and thus BestWeb hires dedicated developers. We can’t stress it enough. As the team designs the program, we are the most likely to test, monitor, and repair bugs simultaneously.

Once the features are complete, however, and the product is considered ready, more thorough testing is required. This may include introducing the software to a small group of beta testers or using UX tools to monitor how users communicate with it.

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