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Things You Don’t Know About Benefits of Mobile Apps

By May 16, 2019 No Comments

A mobile app is a type of application software which is designed exclusively for running on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. A mobile app can serve mobile users with the same functions as in computers. It may be created by a developer, a programmer or an app-builder.

Together with the explosion of technology today, mobile apps are becoming an indispensable part in e-commerce thanks to the various benefits of mobile apps.

1. Build customer relationships

How can a mobile app can build customer relationships and customer loyalty?  With a mobile app on customers’smartphone or tablet, you have a chance of getting your customers  to be exposed more to your business. Every time they get access to your app, they can update the latest information about your products and your business activities, which makes your business more trustworthy.

Furthermore, by offering discounts and coupons via mobile apps, you are encouraging your customers to return to make more purchases with your business to take advantage of their coupons, which help them to save their money.

2. Increase accessibility

Via mobile apps, you may send push notifications to your customers and provide extra functions such as GPS capabilities, QR codes, podcasts, … This means that your customers will surely receive your messages and you don’t have to worry about solving the problems of your messages’ getting stuck in the spam box.

3. Increase exposure

One of the clearest benefits of mobile apps is to allow consumers to make a purchase even when they are on the go. This is also beneficial for the business because they can provider more customers with their products and services to increase their exposure then increase their sales.

4. Enhance social networking strategies

By adding to your app the feature that lets customers login your app with their Facebook, twitter or Google plus accounts, you can collect their social accounts then let them update their activities in your app in their timelines. Besides, you also can link automatically your own social accounts or fan page to your customers’ accounts and therefore, your customers can update constantly the latest news in your fan page or accounts.

5. Reinforce your brand

In traditional e-commerce, you will raise your brand awareness through websites and social networks. However, thanks to a mobile app, you can spread your brand in another channel: app stores. Besides, the social channels are also enhanced with mobile apps as demonstrated above.

Hope that this post can help you to have a thorough understanding of the role of mobile apps in a business nowadays. So have you got a mobile app for your own business? If not, create one right now and take the benefits of mobile apps!

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