Create a friendly app

There are two types of apps: those that we require and those that we like. For example, WhatsApp and Facebook are crucial tools that let their customers engage and do something useful.

E-commerce companies, on the other hand, are quickly developing free mobile apps in order to attract new clients, but they will not be able to provide the same experiences as these social media behemoths. We may have hundreds of apps on our phones, but we only have time in the day to use a few. This isn’t to say that your company can’t provide anything worthwhile to your customers.

Customers are unlikely to reach for their phones every day if you solely sell items through your app, for example, if you have a sports clothing brand. Customers are more likely to use your app as a tool – and examine your products at the same time – if you design a mobile app that includes weather warnings. You’re generating traffic to your app by providing them something beneficial.

Make an app that is easy to share

You’ve created a fantastic mobile app and conducted user testing to ensure that your clients enjoy it. So, where do we go from here? Increased sales will only occur if your client base grows — people must distribute your app.

The simplest and easiest strategy to get more downloads is to give your program away for free. Customers can be enticed by providing them something for nothing. You’ll then have the opportunity to show them your fantastic products and persuade them to buy. Existing customers could be enticed to promote the app by offering redeemed points for each friend they refer.

You may increase the number of downloads by promoting your app on your website or SaaS landing page and encouraging users to do so for a better and more seamless experience. You might also increase your reach by using SEO and social media. Make it even easier by including a QR code that eliminates the need for them to visit the Google Play/App Store.

Enable multiple payment methods

Cart abandonment is most likely to occur during checkout, when customers become frustrated because they are unable to pay in the manner that they like. So offer them a choice! Some people prefer to pay using their credit card, debit card, or cash at the time of delivery, while others prefer to utilize alternative payment options such as Apple Pay or PayPal.

The aim is to make the procedure as rapid as feasible while keeping the number of phases to a minimum. Allowing customers to choose from a variety of options will simplify the checkout process and lead to larger and more frequent purchases.

Use app analytics to continuously improve your app

All successful firms strive for continuous improvement. The formula that works now could not work tomorrow. Make sure you use outsourced software testing on a frequent basis to guarantee your app is performing as it should.

For your app to deliver useful insights, your company should utilize an application performance management tool, which will allow you to evaluate app usage and track vital metrics on the app, similar to how you use enterprise search engine optimization for your website.

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