Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 In Malaysia

By November 13, 2019 No Comments

Artificial Intelligence

Everyone talks about artificial intelligence (AI) but few understand it. Think of AI as a bunch of computers that can analyze things rapidly. They are able to better understand behaviors and patterns by going through data.

You can use AI for tasks like scouring your databases and providing insights to your team. For example, you could leverage AI to find prospects who look like your existing customers or scan social media conversations to provide you with real-time intel on your competitors. Business owners in Malaysia can focus on AI especially when it comes to email marketing for example.


Chatbot was the thing in 2018 but to our surprise, not many companies had incorporated chatbot into their marketing arsenal. One of the reason is simply because chatbot is confusing, complicated and above all, requires a lot of time to create one.

It is important to understand that chatbots can help with customer service tasks and tie into your various systems to answer repetitive customer questions like: “When will my package be delivered?” “What time is my appointment?” “Where are you located?”

Bots can also be used to warm prospects, schedule sales appointments and help make purchases. I recently set up a bot to help a client close auto loans without ever needing a human. It asked all the questions that a human would ask and was designed to include emojis to make the conversation sound more natural.

Local Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing is not a new topic, the focus on local influencers is. Unless you run a massive global brand or an e-commerce business, chances are your marketing is mostly local.

Influencer marketing is important because it helps you to reach out a wide range of audience instantly and with a relatively low cost.

This digital marketing trend is best when you want to get tons of eyeballs on your business in a short time period.

Smart Speakers And Audio

We ask the device many questions (things to do, recipes, etc.) and order things in seconds. I believe voice will continue to be the next disruptor.

In the recent CES 2019, many technology analysts had concluded that more consumers are going towards voice and other AI related household equipment.

Live Video

Video is still at the top of content marketing. The only thing better is live video. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What would you want to experience from your company? Think behind-the-scenes tours of your office, product demos/releases, live Q&As, etc.

Generally, Malaysians are often more engaged especially when it comes to video. Therefore, publishing live videos allow real-time interaction with your customers or customer-to-be.


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