A strong website provides a clear picture of what your company is all about. It establishes your company’s credibility, and visitors who are able to navigate your website with easily will become potential clients. You would be able to expand your business abroad with a decent and reliable website, bringing your success to a whole new level. But what if your website isn’t included in this list of “excellent” websites? Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms, and if your website is poorly built, it will fall far behind in the search ranks. I’m curious if anyone goes beyond the first page of a Google search.

Your front page is not telling people what is your business about

A visitor is most likely to visit your website because they are looking for a solution, and they want it now. If you do not promise a solution to your visitors’ demands on the front page, they will believe your services or products are unreliable and will instead hit the back button. This would affect your SEO rankings even more because Google would consider your website to be irrelevant to visitors. The following is an example of a decent home page.

Bad navigation

Don’t you get annoyed when you can’t remember where you put your password on a website? If your business claims a solution but your website does not allow them to navigate their demands efficiently, a visitor to your website will feel frustrated and impatient. Furthermore, it is doubtful that you are the only firm in your field with a website, so your visitors will be more inclined to visit your competitor’s site.

Not mobile responsive

You aren’t catering to more than half of your visitors if your website isn’t mobile responsive. Google has also begun to favour mobile-friendly websites while punishing those that aren’t. As a result, having a mobile friendly website is critical to the reputation of your business.

HTTPS instead of HTTP

Having an HTTPS website ensures that all data exchanged between you and your visitors is properly secured, keeping hackers at bay. HTTPS is currently required for all websites that offer an e-commerce service; without it, users may be hesitant to enter their credit card information because it is dangerous. If that wasn’t enough to undermine your business, Google Chrome now marks HTTP webpages as “insecure,” further eroding your visitors’ trust in you.

Slow loading times

Your website will slow down significantly if you employ too huge photos and improperly embedded videos. Conversions can be impacted by as much as 20% by a one-second delay in mobile load speeds. As a result, one of the most important aspects of owning a decent website (test your site’s loading time) is having quick loading rates. Websites can also slow down as a result of poor web development and server hosting.

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