In today’s digital world, enterprises need a myriad of IT-based solutions to stay robust and competitive. One solution in particular help streamline and personalize communication in B2B and B2C businesses to unimaginable proportions – the web portals.

What is a Web Portal Development?

A web portal is a web based gateway that provides authorized users a single point of access to personalized content. It gathers information from different sources and presents them in a single user interface with the most relevant information based on their preferences and settings. Whether catering to employees of your company (e.g. intranet portal) or to your customers (e.g.client portal) a web portal always comes in handy.

A portal allows individuals to login to a company’s cloud system to access sensitive data or services. For a B2B business, this data could be company’s financials and for a B2C business, it could be customer data.

Advantages of Online Portal Development

A customer-centric approach is always a winning mantra. The advantages of using a web portal from a user perspective is listed below.

  • User Experience (UX)

UX implies all the emotions a user will experience while interacting with your product or service online. This includes everything from design to responsiveness. Web portals provide great UX as they are interactive and can present data required by users in a single dashboard.

  • Customization

Web portals offer a personalized user experience to every customer.

  • Seamless integration

Enterprises add features and services to their websites on a regular basis to improve UX but it would be a nightmare if there is a glitch while users transition through the site. Web portals can solve this by using high-end plugins that lead to enhanced functionality, speed, and UX.

The advantages of using a web portal from an organization perspective is listed below.

  • Omnichannel presence

Web portals can be accessed through any digital device and provide an immersive experience across platforms. This has distinctive competitive advantages because customers can use multiple devices to access your enterprise details online.

  • Robust access control mechanisms

Web portals offer high-end security when it comes to your company’s data repositories. This is ensured through custom access and authentication functions.

As much as it is useful to the user, web portals are beneficial to your enterprise as well.

  • Automate marketing campaigns

Since web portals customize and personalize data based on user behavior and preference, customer segment specific marketing plans can be created with ease.

  • Cost-effective solution

With online portals, customer service workflows are significantly reduced since the users can obtain information and carry out activities without contacting your company. This can help in right-sizing the back-office administration thereby reducing expenses.

  • Internal communication

Employees can communicate using internal web portals. This will reduce the planning related to face-to-face meeting time and increase productivity. Employees working from various locations can use the company’s online portal for collaboration and for effective real-time project management.

  • Customer retention

Customizing your online presence will encourage your customers to use your business services more effectively. It also has the capacity to attract new users looking for a more personalized online UX.

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