Website Mistakes That Lower Your Traffic 

You can easily develop and create a beautiful website. But without proper search engine optimization or website optimization, no one will be able to see it!

Word of mouth and purposely telling people about your website may stimulate a couple of visitors a month, but SEO is key for true success and high-volume traffic.

So, let’s refer to a few common website mistakes from BestWeb that even you may be guilty of.

  1. Bad User Experience Leads to High Bounce Rates

First of all, a bad user experience means the website visitor spends little time on your website. Common issues that will deter people from spending time on your website include:

  • Slow loading speeds (they will not wait for the site to load and instead go to the next company on their list, your competitor).
  • No calls to action.
  • Not mobile-friendly (in some industries, the volume of search traffic is coming from mobile devices).
  • Contact info is difficult to find.
  • Unattractive visuals and poor product shots.
  • Broken links or content that appears broken or outdated.
  • Confusing navigation and poorly organized content
  • An outdated website. (Styles change rapidly, so your website needs to be refreshed every couple of years if you want to be perceived as a growing company).

The amount of time spent on your website is tracked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. They use this data to determine the rank and quality of your website.

A low ranking will deter the search engines from sending traffic to your site, and instead direct it to a higher ranking website. By working to provide a high-quality experience for your website visitors, you will naturally increase website traffic-free. 

  1. Boring Content That Doesn’t Speak to Your Audience

Another common error is boring content. Your content must speak in a meaningful way to your audience. If you have relied on industry jargon and lists of features to describe your products and services, it’s time to understand that things have changed.

Some of the common mistakes made when trying to increase web traffic include:

  • Over-extensive descriptions
  • Bland About sections
  • Outdated Contact information
  • Dry Product descriptions
  • Outdated Services sections
  • Keyword-heavy text

These will bore your audience, not engage them.

Creating quality content is about keyword strategy combined with a keen understanding of your target audience. This is used to create content for the website that your customers (and new customers) truly want to read.

  1. Not Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Finally, this may just be one of the most important aspects of modern web design. When it comes to increasing web traffic for your business, you need a mobile-friendly and responsive website. With the massive penetration of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, computer engagement has lost the digital media battle to mobile by 65%. Essentially, people utilize their phones and tablets more than anything else. Therefore, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it can severely hurt your chances of increasing web traffic.

Furthermore, search engines have developed algorithms that specifically look for mobile-friendly websites. As a result, those that aren’t will not perform or generate traffic as planned.



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