Web Development Simplified

The simplest way of describing web development is that it revolves around the creation of apps and tools that run on web browsers. These app and tools may be exclusively dependent on the server that created them. On the other hand, some of them may only use the server during their initial development or for data storage and retrieval among other things.

A Look at Web Development’s History

To understand the present and future of web development, and also know the difference between web design and web development, let’s first try to understand its past.

The history of web development began with static web pages and hyperlink navigation. Initially, developers would create static web pages and link them up using hyperlinks. Unlike today’s websites and web apps, there was minimal or no interactivity at all since these web pages were designed to simply convey information and nothing more.

CGI was used in the earlier days of web development to generate HTML based on data sent to the server by the browser. The developments that came later were designed to make CGI’s dynamic HTML generation easier. ASP and ColdFusion are examples of such developments and they served as a templating language for web development. Through them, HTML could be mixed with special tags and markup which made HTML generation easier, conditional, and dependent on a particular web page.

JavaScript later sprung up to expand the capabilities of web tools and applications as computers were now faster and a newer technology was readily available to developers. CSS also made its appearance at around the same time as JavaScript. With CSS, developers could now style and change web content.

Web development has continued to grow exponentially. Today, we even have web-based operating systems such as Google’s Chrome OS. Cloud technology too, has become so big in recent times that it’s hard to imagine what more the future holds in terms of web development. Also, you can read more about modern web development and technologies which level up websites to the next era.

Many web platforms remain popular today. WordPress is one of them. Modern WordPress website development services include web apps development, using modern JS libraries and frameworks. So, if you need a modern website or web app that is based on a time-tested solution, you can use it.

Primary Web Development Technology

The commonest technologies that developers work with within the development of websites and web applications are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Hypertext Markup Language, HTML

HTML is the heart of web development. It forms the building blocks that developers use to create web applications. It is possible to code a complete website entirely on HTML.

HTML is a series of tags coded to define a web page’s format, layout, and components. All forms of web development run on HTML. On its own, HTML will nonetheless not accomplish much in rendering a page. It ought to be accompanied by JavaScript and CSS.

Cascading Style Sheets, CSS

HTML was initially used to specify a web page’s format and layout. The problem, however, was that a lot of work had to be done to execute a small change in style. For instance, changing the color of buttons in a website, required an alteration of HTML in multiple places.

Nowadays, styling and web content are handled differently during development. HTML handles the content and CSS styles it. This way, one can use a small set of CSS files to style a whole web application. A single file can, for instance, be modified in CSS to change the color of the buttons on an entire site.


This is a programming language that allows the developer to manipulate web pages. By manipulating the model of a webpage using JavaScript, a developer can easily alter the style and structure of a webpage. This makes JavaScript a powerful resource with a critical role in web development.

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