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Why utilise QR codes in the app marketing?

By March 7, 2023No Comments

A QR code is way users or potential users can engage with the app. As each marketing campaign has a unique goal, QR codes can be used in a variety of ways to achieve these specific goals. We’ve listed the most significant goals app marketers use QR code campaigns to achieve.

Grow brand awareness

QR codes are an excellent means by which you can bring users from the physical world into the digital world of your app. Companies are painting and printing QR codes on billboards, buses, magazines, and more to reach consumers in their everyday lives. Curious users will scan the code to learn more about a company and its offerings.

Boost user acquisition

Standing out from the competition in the app store isn’t always easy. QR codes provide a gateway for companies to take potential users directly to their app in the app store, removing the need for users to search in the app store. Driving downloads is the number one reason app marketers use QR codes. But as you can see, improving user acquisition isn’t the only use of QR codes.

Retarget users

Often companies use QR codes in their ads on social media—from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Google Ads, to recapture potential leads who have yet to convert. As you likely already know the motivators retargeted audiences have, you can better adapt the QR code campaign to their interests for successful reacquisition.

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