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Motac Developing Tourism App to Transform Travel Experiences

The minister said the app will provide travel details including registered tourism entities, tour packages, hotels and transportation routes.

“We aim to prevent deception by ensuring tourists have precise information,” he said.

The ministry is currently examining the app’s information functionalities to ensure a successful launch later this year, prioritising the safety of tourists in Malaysia.

As an example, Tiong said the app might enable tourists to pay for purchasing travel-related packages or hotel bookings.

“We will transfer the money to the relevant businesses and hoteliers with an official collection of a 1% service fee, among others.

“Details such as how tourists will be refunded when leaving the country after recharging money into the app are still being discussed,” he said.

Plans for refunds and collaboration with the private sector, including a tourist discount card, are underway.

Shopping Mall Association president Tan Sri Teo Chiang Kok expressed support for the initiative to introduce a nationwide tourist card.

“This will not only boost tourism but also enhance shopping experiences across Malaysia’s key destinations,” he said.

Teo noted that certain malls, particularly those situated in tourist hotspots, were already providing discounts to visitors.

He urged Motac and Tourism Malaysia to extend discounts through mall retailers and hotels, urging refinement of the plan and app details.

Teo suggested that Motac incentivise mall participation and outlined additional benefits such as free transport services and translation services by offering marketing incentives such as listing “preferred malls” within the app.

Malaysian Association of Hotels vice-president Lim Choong Sean stressed the importance of preventing abuse of the mobile app and discount cards by businesses.

“For instance, an outlet could mark up prices by 10% to 50% and then provide a 50% discount, leaving tourists feeling cheated,” Lim said.

He also suggested exploring collaboration for hotel room bookings via the app, emphasising the industry’s willingness to work with Motac.

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