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The Components of a Mobile App Architecture

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Database Servers

The backend server is a crucial aspect of a mobile app backend architecture consisting of a cluster of powerful database instances that manages all app data transactions.

Based on the design, the database can either be active or redundant. In any case, a scalable architecture should have two or more database instances that instantly sync data on the cloud.

App Hosting Servers

The application server works by managing the business logic of the mobile application. In the design, the application server is established between the content delivery network and the database servers.

Load Balancing Architecture

The load balancing technology is designed using a group of servers called load balancers. It works by distributing app requests to its servers to prevent the overloading of a single server and increase overall efficiency.

In a scalable mobile app backend architecture, the CDN links directly to the load balancers application that is configured to distribute app requests among its servers.

It also scales the number of servers as the need arises, ensuring high availability and optimal use of server resources.

Object Storage Service

A mobile app often needs to deliver content like files, videos, and images to app users. These contents are kept in the object storage. However, the CDN also stores these contents as a cache in its servers to deliver them faster to users in various geolocations.

 Content Delivery Network

The CDN takes the form of a group of servers distributed in various locations globally to deliver content faster to app users.

The CDN works by identifying nearby users and delivering content like images and videos to users close to a CDN server. This approach makes app responses and downloads faster.

The advantages of using a CDN are many; it uses an optimal routing path that minimizes latency, data transfer costs is reduced significantly, it also enhances the security of the app by preventing DDoS attacks, and many more.

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